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Ten Common Homeopathy Medicines For The General Disorders


Homeopathy medicines come with “no druggy” side-effects, so experimenting with the singles is primarily possible. However, it’s always better to consult homeopathic doctors in Brampton Ontario, before dosing of your own choice.

Here we introduce you to the ten most common homeopathy singles that are good for various general ailments. It will help if you take these medicines in the 6th or 30th potency. If there’s minor discomfort or pain, you can increase the dose up to three times a day to restore the body’s usual functionalities. However, you should stop the consumption the moment you see significant improvements in your condition.

In case you do not observe any progress in your condition even after 24 hours, that homeopathy medicine you are taking is probably not the right one. If the symptoms persist, try something different, or consult our specialized practitioners.

The below-mentioned common homeopathic medicines are suitable for people of any age (above 2 years).

Ten common homeopathic medicines 

  1. Arnica (mountain daisy): Highly useful as first-aid and shows remarkable improvement in sports injuries. It helps to reduce the injury pain and speeds up the healing process.


  1. Arnica (topical): It comes in the form of a gel, ointment, or spray. The application of topical Arnica is excellent for healing strains, sprains, and black and blue bruising.


  1. Chamomila (chamomille): Chamomilla is the remedy if your child experiences irritability due to colic pain or teething.


  1. Hypericum (St. John’s wort): It is the first medicine to consider for injuries to the nerves. Parts of the body with the maximum nerve arrangements like fingers, toes, and back get much relief from shooting pain on intaking Hypericum.


  1. Ignatia (St. Ignatius bean): Today, many psychiatrists recommend this single. It is one of the useful homeopathic medicines for anxiety, acute grief, and depression, especially after divorce, separation from a loved one, or a death.


  1. Magnesia Phosphorica (Phosphate of magnesia): Women suffering from any cramps, especially menstrual cramps, get significant relief from Magnesia Phosphorica.


  1. Nux Vomica (poison nut): It is one of the most frequently used homeopathic medicine today. Nux Vomica acts as a simple medicinal solution from ailments exacerbated by recreational or conventional drugs. Symptoms from over-drinking alcohol or overeating also find relief with this homeopathy medicine.


  1. Pulsatilla (windflower): This homeopathy medicine is not prescribed for any specific ailment, but recommended for a particular psychological characteristics pattern and physical symptoms. Generally, it is suggested to physically warm-blooded people, who wear fewer clothes, prefer the open air, and feel less heat. Whereas, psychologically, they are gentle-minded, yielding persons with a strong tendency to please others, and have a quickly changing emotional state.


  1. Allium cepa (onion): It is one of the most frequent remedies for people suffering from the common cold and hay fever, especially feeling irritation across the nostrils due to a thin, watery, and burning nasal discharge.


  1. Rhus tox (poison ivy): Homeopathic doctors suggest taking Rhus tox when you are experiencing “rusty gate” syndrome, i.e., pain in initial motion that reduces with increasing movement. It is also prescribed to people with arthritis or flu, who experience this similar rusty gate syndrome. This homeopathic medicine helps to reduce the pain as well as the sprains and strains.


One-To-One Consultation 

Which one would you like to experiment with? It would help if you gave homeopathy medicine a try to experience this natural treatment method’s advantage. Consult our specialized team of homeopathic doctors in Brampton Ontario. We provide one-to-one consultation and tend to understand your problem in detail before prescribing any singles. Call for an appointment.

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